Bag Gripper - SaS Automation

May 5, 2009
A specialized EOAT is often used to palletize woven plastic or paper bags containing many products including grain, chemicals, dog food, minerals and plastic resins. Because a vacuum tool may not secure these bags well due to air leakage, stainless steel fingers are used for both strength and their ability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. The bags are presented to the robot on a roller conveyor allowing the custom spaced fingers to lift upwards between the rollers and secure the bag against the optional top compressor plate. When in position, the fingers open and the bag is positioned on the pallet. Most palletizing cells will require in-feed conveyors, a pallet feed system, safety guarding and a robot properly sized for reach and payload. • Aluminum frame construction to reduce overall weight and add life to your robot • Stainless steel fingers for strength and harsh environments • Customized finger pitch to match your roller conveyor • Over-center linkage design keeps the fingers shut in case of pneumatic or electric loss (bag will not be dropped) • Stabilizer guides to control the bag motion as it drops • Optional pallet hooks • Optional slip sheet vacuum cup • Handles Bag Weights: 5 - 100 lbs • Handles Bag Sizes: 12" wide X 12" long X 3" tall to 21" wide X 35" long X 6" tall • Gripper Tool Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs) payload robots while handling 45.3 kg (100 lbs) bags