Cherry’s new MW-2800 series optical washable mouse is sealed in a silicone rubber housing, allowing it to be safely sprayed, wiped or submerged for fast and thorough cleaning. Cherry has launched the MW-2800 in response to growing concern over the possible spread of germs via computer keyboards and mice, especially in medical and institutional environments. The new washable mouse is an ideal solution for applications where multiple users share a single workstation. Such applications may be present in hospitals, clinics, schools, and manufacturing lines. In order to eliminate a possible moisture leak path through the scroll wheel, the mouse replaces the scroll wheel with sealed scroll lock buttons which enable fast page navigation. The 5-button mouse has a USB interface and is available in both black and light blue through Cherry’s network of authorized distributors. The MW-2800 is complementary to Cherry’s washable keyboard J84-2800, which is also submersible and sealed in a silicone rubber housing.