June 16, 2009
A new, FDA-compliant metal detectable PTFE-glass fabric adhesive tape for users of heat sealing equipment or product chutes who want to use a metal detector to identify tape failures that could end up in end-user packages is being introduced by Andrew Roberts, Inc. of Natick, Massachusetts.ANROB 254-MDT Metal Detectable Tape features a PTFE-glass fabric with a foil backing and silicone adhesive to provide a non-stick surface to heat seal against or a slippery cover for chutes that transport foods or drugs.  Providing protection against worn tape falling into a polybag or package and going undetected, this foil-backed PTFE tape can be identified by a metal detector before leaving the manufacturer or converter’s facility.Available in 1/4” to 39” W by 36 Yd. rolls, ANROB 254-MDT Metal Detectable Tape is 9 mils thick and operates at 500°F continuous.  Helping to prevent worn tape from falling into packages and being shipped to consumers, appli-cations for this composite PTFE-glass fabric and aluminum foil tape include the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and medical disposable products.ANROB 254-MDT Metal Detectable Tape is priced according to roll width and quantity.  Free samples and price quotations are available upon request.