The Piper Bug Pipe Welding System from Bug-O Systems is a digitally controlled programmable welding travel carriage integrated with Lincoln Electric® Invertec® V350-PRO Power Source. The Piper Bug features a positive rack and pinion drive system and a digital control box in which all welding parameters can be programmed for multi-pass, multi-layer welds on process piping and cross country pipe lines. The Piper Bug will increase productivity and weld quality while reducing costs.Pipe welding requires a high level of welder skill and training, and as it becomes more difficult to find skilled pipe welders, mechanized welding is increasingly being used. Less welder skill and physical effort is required using mechanized welding. Handheld wire welding results in a typical operating factor (or percent arc-on time) of 40-50%, mechanizing increases the operating factor to 70% or higher. The result is that a fewer number of welders and welding stations are required. Also, the precise procedure control and excellent repeatability ensures consistent excellent weld quality around each pipe joint and from one joint to the next.