Wireless Devices for Temperature Monitoring

July 7, 2009
Temperature is certainly among the most commonly measured parameters in industry, science, and academia. Recently, the growth of wireless instrumentation technology, along with some clever innovations, has provided new ways to apply temperature measurement sensors combined with personal computers to collect, tabulate, and analyse the data obtained. For complex, multi-sensor applications, wireless devices provide a means to eliminate the nuisance of running multiple leads over long distances through harnesses or conduit to a control room, instrument panel, or equipment rack, while keeping track of which leads are which. For simpler one or two sensor applications, it means installing the wireless sensor, setting up the receiver, and being done. There are now so many wireless transmitting and receiving devices available for temperature measurement that nearly any application can benefit from their use. In any case, it is certainly worth a closer look. As a bonus, most of the devices shown also work with humidity and barometric pressure sensors. Visit http://www.omega.co.uk/prodinfo/wireless_with_video.html to learn all about wireless devices with this short product introduction video.* Sensor Specifications (zED) * Relative Humidity * Accuracy/Range zED-BTH, zED-TH, -THP: ±2% for 10 to 90%; ±3% for 0 to 10% and 90 to 100% * Hysteresis: ±1% RH * Non-linearity: ±3% * Repeatability: ±0.1°C * Resolution: 0.1%