Temperature Resistant up to 480°F – new sheet metal suction cups

June 9, 2009
Schmalz, the global expert for Vacuum Technology, is closing a gap in the process of precise hot sheet metal part handling. In the past, hot sheet metal parts needed to be removed from the machine with mechanical grippers. This imprecise and inefficient procedure was necessary due to the extreme temperature of the work piece in hot forming processes. The new sheet metal suction cups from Schmalz, made from the special developed, silicone-free material HT2, have a temperature resistance of up to 480°F and allow direct handling of hot metal sheets in hot forming processes. Using the new Schmalz suction cups increases the efficiency in handling hot sheet metal:•    Compared to mechanical grippers, a considerably higher process safety and productivity is guaranteed due to short cycle times and quick assembly and adjustment of the tools. With mechanical grippers, the components must be gripped at the edge which can lead to problems if the workpiece is uneven. •    Schmalz Vacuum suction cups are universal and can directly replace several tools with mechanical grippers.•    Deep drawing of the sheet metal parts is prevented due to the large-scale, structured inner support of the new Schmalz HT2 cups. In addition to that, very high lateral forces with minimal wearing can be absorbed.•    The light weight and compact structure guarantees process-safe handling in highly dynamic processes.