Air Vend Reel

June 23, 2009
The AV4425 OLPBWL from Reelcraft is designed for air service. The reel is our most compact design able to handle 25’ of 1/4” I.D. hose. The air vend reel is small enough to be incorporated into air service stations or inside cabinets on trucks and incorporates constant tension without a latch pawl. It utilizes a “jump guard” to eliminate the possibility of the hose jumping off the spool due to extremely violent return or operator error. The air vend reel also comes complete with a tougher one wire braid hose to resist abrasion and crushing.• Inlet on either side: AV4425 OLPBWL (left) & AV4425 OLPBWR(right) • S.A.E 100 R1T one wire braid hose with high quality crimpings and stop • Protective hose “jump guard” • Enhanced swivel is designed for more extreme applications • Individual components receive a baked-on powder coat paint • Nylon composite 4-way guide roller • Made from industrial grade steel and engineered with gussets & • structural forms • Reels are constant tension (cabinet roller available as an accessory)