July 21, 2009
Misumi USA, Inc. announces the addition of several new Miniature Linear Guides to its expansive family of high quality, configurable linear motion components.  The new Miniature Linear Guides feature dowel holes on rail and block for fast, easy positioning. The new components include Misumi Product Numbers: SSELBP, SSEBMP, SSEPWP and SSELBWP.Linear Guides of all sizes are used in a wide range of factory automation and motion control machinery and systems.  With the new Miniature Linear Guides, engineers can select from among several design options, depending on their application requirements and technical specifications.  Options include:•    Advanced (preload) and Standard (interchangeable and small clearance) versions•    Long or Wide Blocks, Standard or Wide Rail, all in a variety of dimensions•    Varying guide rail with dowel hole lengths. •    The dowel holes on the rail enable easier positioning, allowing users to quickly disassemble and reassemble the mechanism for routine maintenance without the need for realignment. In all versions, the balls remain retained even when the block is removed from the rail.All of Misumi’s Miniature Linear Guides are manufactured to precise dimensional tolerances. Operating temperature range is from -20oC to 80oC.  Additional technical specifications and calculations for load, required thrust, friction resistance, rated life span and much more, are available in Misumi’s print and online catalogs.