July 21, 2009
Red Lion Controls, Inc. introduces the XCGSM, GSM Cellular Modem expansion card for their Data Station Plus and Modular Controller series data acquisition products. With the XCGSM, cellular connectivity is enabled for a wide range of remote and mobile data management applications—without the use of external third party modems. Improving upon the already advanced communications and data solutions provided by the Data Station Plus  and Modular Controller series, the XCGSM Modem Card allows for complete system integration and control from cellular and web devices. “The XCGSM expansion card allows users to connect with their real-time production data via cell phone and email, increasing the already advanced communications of the Data Station Plus and Modular Controller series—which previously provided cellular connectivity only through the use of external third-party modems," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager.  “With the built-in web server, users can remotely monitor and control their processes—giving them hands-on access to their operations from virtually anywhere," Benefiel said. "Red Lion Data Stations or Modular Controllers equipped with an XCGSM card can send early warnings of process failures via text messaging and email, affording users faster reactions to alarm states and potentially preventing significant damage to products and equipment.”  Once connected to the cellular network, users can take advantage of the powerful XCGSM feature set, including integrated IT-Ready data logging of system performance and events for later review, powerful port-sharing for control and programming of numerous PLCs and other devices, additional features that make the XCGSM an ideal data monitoring solution including: Enables cellular communication via an embedded expansion card Features simple and fast configuration via Red Lion’s free Crimson® 2.0   software Utilizes a standard “SIM card”, affording users the ability to choose their own cellular plan Allows for operation in frequencies across the Americas, Europe and Asia through a Quad-band modem. • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 24 V @ 125 mA max. Power is supplied to • the option card from the main board of the Modular Controller Master or • Data Station Plus. • ANTENNA CONNECTOR: • SMA Female connector requires: • 50 Ohm antenna with SMA male connector • Quad-band antenna (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) for global support. • Dual-band (850/1900 MHz) antenna for US and Canada only • Dual band (900/1800 MHz) for Europe only • The antenna cable should be 50 ? impedance, RG178/U or RG174/U type • and be able to connect to the RSMA (Male) jack bulkhead. The antenna • could be horizontal, vertical or right angled. Longer antenna cable would • equate to signal loss. • This device is intended for connection to an antenna mounted within the • building or a UL certified enclosure suitably rated for application. • CERTIFICATIONS AND COMPLIANCES: • Refer to main unit manual or “Agency Approvals” section of Red Lion’s • website for agency certifications. • ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY • Emissions and Immunity to EN 61326: Electrical Equipment for • Measurement, Control and Laboratory use. • Reference Modular Controller Master or Data Station Plus unit for EMC • specifications • The XCGSM option card has been tested and found to comply with the limits • for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: • Refer to the specifications of the Modular Controller Master or Data Station • Plus you are installing this card in. • CONSTRUCTION: For indoor use only. Installation Category II, Pollution • Degree 2. • INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: See “Installing the XCGSM Option • card” for more details. • WEIGHT: 3.2 oz (94.64g)