Air Valve System Protects Packages From Moisture, Improves Pallet Stability

Aug. 10, 2009
A new low-profile air valve system that protects packaged contents from moisture and contaminants, equalizes air pressure during transit and improves pallet stacking and stability is now available from Avery Dennison Industrial and Automotive Products Division. The system, which consists of a membrane, a baffle film and a permanent adhesive, is custom engineered by Avery Dennison technicians to meet specific application requirements.When air inside the package expands due to changes in temperature or altitude or is compressed by forced pressure, air will escape through the valve’s membrane until the package’s inside air pressure is equalized.According to Avery Dennison’s Nick Greco, business development manager, the system supports a broad range of end uses, including the packaging of industrial chemicals, vitamin supplements, pet foods, building supplies, fertilizers, and fine and coarse grain materials.“Air valve solutions are appropriate for applications that require air release, as well as product protection against dirt, dust, contaminants and moisture,” Greco explains. “For example, air valve solutions can be engineered to prevent the entry of moisture that could cause mold in packaged grass seed. Or if you are packaging dog food, the air valve’s membrane will guard against mite infestation, while still providing an air release.” Greco adds that the membrane’s perforations measure just 8 – 10 microns, a far smaller size than the 40-micron standard that is generally accepted for mite resistance.Pallet BenefitsIn addition to guarding packaged products, the air valve delivers significant shipping benefits during the transport of palletized packaged goods. The system evacuates trapped air from flexible bags, allowing them to settle in a more compact and level manner. As a result, more layers of packaging can be stored on a pallet, and the pallet will bear a more stabilized load. Printing and ApplicationBusinesses wishing to employ the new air valve system can choose to apply the valves to packages in house or source completely finished packages. Avery Dennison can facilitate in-house production by supplying label applicators, printers and engineering services necessary to integrate the machinery into existing packaging lines. Or packaging pre-equipped with plain or printed air valves can be delivered ready for use.