TrimPAC(TM) Velocity Automated Trim Handling System

Aug. 6, 2009
The new TrimPAC Velocity trim system automatically captures continuous edgetrim at the press, slitter or die cutter and directs the waste material into a container for recycling or disposal. Ideal forconverters, printers, label manufacturers and others generatingpaper, film, foil, laminate and other uncut, continuous trim andscrap in a range of widths and thicknesses, the TrimPAC Velocitydelivers automated, high speed trim removal in a compact, dependable,single machine system at a low initial cost vs. cutter/fan systems.Immediate savings in manual labor requirements and improvements inproduction speed, plant safety and hygiene are likely results.Pre-engineered as a complete system, the PAC TrimPAC Velocityfeatures a PAC venturi fan, wye, flex hose, motor starter and achoice of one or two pickups to capture the trim. Custom options suchas a rolling mobility package, convey tubing, relief heads and otherchoices are available.