Mini43LP Ultra-Thin Force/Torque Sensor

Nov. 30, 2021
ATI Industrial Automation's Mini43LP Ultra-Thin Force/Torque Sensor is an ideal force sensing option for small and delicate operations.

As a compact transducer that can enhance the accuracy and repeatability of research and development, product validation, assembly, and other micro force sensing applications, the Mini43LP ultra-thin force/torque sensor is for compact, high-precision applications. At 0.311 in. (7.9 mm) tall, it is suited for smaller automated applications.


The low-profile sensor body allows users to optimize their work envelope and preserve the robot’s lifting power for end-of-arm tools. The streamlined design features a bolt-down mounting pattern to minimize stack height, an angled cable exit to eliminate interference with adjacent equipment, and a large through-hole for simple utility management.


The Mini43LP is compatible with all of ATI’s existing communication interfaces and integrates easily with miniature robot models from Mecademic, Yaskawa, and more.

Single-Axis OverloadFxy±280 lbf (±1,200 N)FzTxy±130 lbf-in (±15 Nm)Tz±220 lbf-in (±25 Nm)Stiffness (Calculated)X-axis & Y-axis forces (Kx, Ky)1.9 x 105 lb/in (3.3 x 107 N/m)Z-axis force (Kz)1.2 x 105 lb/in (2.1 x 107 N/m)X-axis & Y-axis torque (Ktx, Kty)3.0 x 104 lbf-in/rad (3.4 x 103 Nm/rad) Z-axis torque (Ktz)1.0 x 105 lbf-in/rad (1.1 x 104 Nm/rad)  Resonant FrequencyFx, Fy, Tz5,200 HzFz, Tx, Ty7,300 HzPhysical SpecificationsWeight0.113 lb. (0.0512 kg)Diameter1.69 in. (43 mm)Height0.311 in. (7.9 mm)
  • The Mini43LP has a compact, extremely thin design with a large through-hole for the passage of cables and other utilities.
  • Extremely-High Strength: EDM wire-cut from high yield-strength stainless steel. Maximum allowable overload values are 4.4 to 17.7 times rated capacities.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Silicon strain gages provide a signal 75 times stronger than conventional foil gages. This signal is amplified, resulting in near-zero noise distortion.
  • Industrial Strain Relief included as a standard option to reinforce the cable and withstand more than 10 lb of pull force.


  • Telerobotics
  • Robotic surgery
  • Research
  • Product testing