New Pandemic Mask

Sept. 9, 2009
As communicated by the CDC and WHO, during the most recent outbreak of Swine influenza A (H1N1), it was painfully apparent that we as a country are not fully prepared for a pandemic. While adequate vaccines are still being developed to combat the swine flu, the first line of basic defense is containment. MCR Safety’s new respiratory product offering creates a new level of protection not currently available in the market place. Our Safe2Breathe pandemic mask is one of our newest innovative PPE offerings. Safe2Breathe pandemic masks utilize nanotechnology to neutralize viruses and bacteria rather than merely trap or filter. The seven layer construction provides two-way protection (protects the wearer from contracting or spreading a virus) up to 24 hours which is extremely valuable during a pandemic situation. Independent laboratory test results confirm that the antimicrobial properties of the Pandemic Mask are significantly effective against Influenza, Tuberculosis, MRSA, bird flu and others. The mask goes beyond filtration by neutralizing and destroying these microbes making them harmless to the environment and breaking the transmission cycle. The Pandemic Mask offers bi-directional protection with seven-layer construction (versus the 3-layer industry standard) including an active charcoal filter that disables viruses at the cellular level, repels airborne moisture and filters fine particles, blood, bacteria and viruses.