Sept. 30, 2009
A new medium-weight conductive vacuum hose that prevents the buildup of static charges in a wide range of industrial vacuum and light bulk material handling applications, where a spark could cause a disastrous problem, is being introduced by FLEXAUST of Warsaw, Indiana.Flexaust Genesis® DPZ-C Hose is a conductive, flexible all plastic hose that features a smooth interior for efficient air flow at full 29” Hg vacuum and an abrasion-resistant flat exterior which bends tightly and drags easily.  Designed to prevent static buildup and enhance safety, this hose is offered in a wide variety of sizes and colors; plain and with cuffs or end fittings.Providing a surface resistance of 103-105 Ohms/Sq., Flexaust Genesis® DPZ-C Hose is constructed of a conductive copolymer and reinforced with an integral polyethylene helix.  Available in sizes from 1-1/4” to 2” O.D. in standard black and white, it can be supplied in black and various colors; available with different cuffs and end fittings to match OEM requirements.Flexaust Genesis® DPZ-C Hose is priced from $ 0.75 per ft., depending upon size and quantity.  Samples and price quotations are available upon request.• Inside Diameter - 1.25" - 2" • Std. Length - 25', 50' • Temp. Rang - to 140 (°F)