Biodegradable Mailbag Film Offers Eco-friendly Order Fulfillment Packaging

Oct. 5, 2009
Automated Packaging Systems has introduced a new biodegradable, 3-layer co-extruded film (EOF3) for mail order fulfillment applications. This new line of EarthAware™ bag film material is made of a unique blend of resins that offer superior sealing, strength and security. EOF3 mailbags contain a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in nine months to five years, depending on exposure conditions. Durability and bag shelf life are not affected until the film comes in contact with biodegrading material found in landfills and home or commercial composting operations. The co-extruded film has a flat white exterior finish that is ideal for label adhesion or thermal transfer imprinting of address and bar code information directly onto the bag. EOF3 bags have heavy duty, reinforced side seals that protect against splitting during loading and loss of goods in transit. A unique perforation design and patented ProGap™ feature guarantee reliable and consistent bag opening with better productivity and less waste. EOF3 biodegradable mailbag film is available in 2.5 mil, 3.0 mil, and 3.8 mil thicknesses. It is produced as genuine Autobag® pre-opened bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch® bags-in-a-box in a wide range of sizes. Custom printed bags are also available, and customers may choose to include the EarthAware Biodegradable logo, with various stock art plates available at no additional charge.