High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

Sept. 22, 2009
Imara Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance next-generation lithium-ion batteries, today announced that its high-power cells are now available. Imara is providing battery cells to customers in the power tool, outdoor power equipment and transportation markets. Imara’s patented technology breaks through conventional battery technology barriers that require a trade-off between fast power discharge and high energy density for extended run time. The company’s batteries deliver a unique combination of power, energy, cycle life and safety compared to today’s commercially available high-power cells. This translates to more holes drilled by a power tool, more grass mowed by a lawn mower and more miles driven by a vehicle, while significantly reducing warranty costs for manufacturers and battery replacement costs for end-users. Imara’s technology enables a new class of “green” applications. An hour of use of a typical 4-stroke gas-powered lawnmower replaced with Imara battery power eliminates the emissions equivalent to 11 SUV’s driving on the highway for an hour. Replacing one two-stroke weed-whacker or leaf blower with Imara battery power is equivalent to taking 17 SUV’s off the road.