MicroSensor OEM Pressure Sensors for Corrosive and Wet Applications Include Linearity and Temperature Compensation

Sept. 17, 2009
Servoflo Corporation of Lexington, Massachusetts is pleased to introduce rugged OEM pressure sensors from MicroSensor of China.These OEM pressure sensors are designed for rugged, industrial applications.  Various pressure ranges up to 100 MPa are available, in either gauge, absolute, or differential versions.  Non-corrosive, isolated construction and stainless steel packages for various media make MicroSensor OEM pressure sensors excellent for embedded applications where ruggedness, anti-corrosiveness, and exposure to media is important.The model numbers for this line include the MPM280, MPM281, MPM283, and MDM290.  These industrial pressure sensors have an unamplified, linear millivolt output which includes temperature compensation.  Typical accuracies are 0.3% of full-scale.  Using an oil-filled piezoresistive pressure sensor with a stainless steel diaphragm, the MicroSensor OEM pressure sensor line is designed for durability in applications such as petroleum refineries, wastewater treatment, industrial HVAC, refrigerants, liquid level measurement and more.General pricing for 100 pieces is $25 each for the MPM280, $26-$31 each for MPM281 depending on the pressure range, $27 each for the MPM283, and $35 each for the MDM290.  • Power supply: ?2.0mADC • Electric connection: 100mm silicon rubber flexible wires • Common mode voltage input: 50% of input (typ.) • Input impedance: 3k??8k? • Output impedance: 3.5k??6k? • Response (10%?90%): <1ms • Insulation resistor: 100M?, 100VDC • Max. static pressure: 20MPa • Zero drift/static pressure: ?0.5mV/MPa