New Sizes for Attractively Priced JGP 2-finger parallel gripper and JGZ 3-finger gripper

Oct. 5, 2009

The successful Compact Class has been further developed as the JGP 2-finger parallel gripper and JGZ 3-finger gripper have been expanded to include sizes 40 and 50. The powerful drive, with an oval piston for the JGP grippers and a round piston for the JGZ grippers and rigid T-slot guidance, guarantee the user precise and fail-safe handling.
This ensures high machine uptime and thus high efficiency of production and assembly. Thanks to their compact designs, these grippers can be used in areas where space is limited.  Also, these grippers are suitable for many standard tasks in industrial handling, and provide all essential functions at an extremely attractive price!
Easy and very reliable monitoring for both grippers can be carried out with inductive proximity switches or magnetic slot switches. In addition, nearly all of the accessories such as force measuring jaws, analog and magnetic position sensors, finger blanks and much more from the well-known premium PGN+ and PZN+ products can also be used.

• Sizes : 200 .. 300 • Weight : 9.4 .. 43.5 kg • Gripping force : 7100 .. 22700 N • Stroke per finger : 25 .. 35 mm