Top-Tier Cable Tie Installation Tool Ready For Action

Sept. 30, 2009
Hayata, LTD. introduces its new cable tie installation tool, the BT12000 QuikTie™.  Designed with a lithium-ion battery, the rugged BT12000 delivers longer-lasting power in a lighter, more compact tool.  Featuring a 4:1 productivity advantage over standard tools, the BT12000 was built with speed and productivity in mind.  Variable torque adjustment provides the BT12000 the necessary tension needed for uniform cable tie installation without the risk of damaging cable jackets.  Teaming the BT12000 with Hayata’s roller ball and ladder style cable ties creates a powerfully secure cable restraining and bundling system.  Designed to work seamlessly with Hayata ties of all widths, the BT12000 also features a built-in work light and a 30-minute battery recharge time.