JUMO Process Control, Inc. introduces a new line of compact PID controllers for controllingtemperature, pressure and other physical variables. The attractive design of the controller, combined with its ergonomically shaped, ultraflat front panel, will set any machine or control panel distinctively apart from the competition. Building on JUMO’s 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing electronic controllers, the cTRON is the company’s latest offering for the OEM market and is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications, including packagingmachines, laboratory equipment, and HVAC. A universal input, two relay outputs, timerfunction, ramp function, and auto-tuning are standard on each unit. An additional relayoutput and RS422/485 communication are available. The two bright LED displays guarantee extraordinary readability from every angle. In addition, the cTRON series includes a number of features that enhance the user experience, including a flashing text display when alarms or events occur as well as automatic changeover of the lower display from setpoint to time when the timer starts. There are also seven LEDs to indicate different switch positions as well as manual mode, ramp function, and timer mode. A primary goal in the design of the cTRON series was an easy to understand and use operating philosophy. A freely configurable operator level reduces parameter diversity and simultaneously increases flexibility for the operator. The design is rounded off by a programmable function key.Custom configuration can be carried out using either the keys on the front panel or theoptional, user-friendly setup program. The advantages of this setup program are thetime it saves, the errors it avoids, and the ability to save the configuration data forsecurity as well as for quick programming of multiple controllers. A very useful featureof the set-up program is the ability to graphically display the process variable vs. timewhile modifying the PID parameters. This “start-up” feature greatly simplifies tuningdifficult processes by removing the need for a chart recorder and by allowing changes tobe implemented on the fly.• Part Number: 202530CUSTOM • Datasheet: 20.2530 • Type: 202530/10-xxx-xxx-xx-xx/xxx • pH Range: -1.00 to 14.00 • ORP Range: -1999 to +1999 mV • Temp Range: -50 to +250°C (-58 to +482°F) • Temp Compensation: automatic or manual • Outputs 1&2: select below • Output 3: (logic 5V or 12V) • Power Supply: select below • Communication Interface: (RS422/485 or Profibus DP) • Accuracy: ?0.25% of measurement range • Compensation Range: -20 to +150°C • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to +50°C • Display: dual LED • Approval: UL • Dimensions: 96mm x 48mm (1/8 DIN horizontal) • Extra: IP67 weatherproof housing