Daisy oil pump

Oct. 22, 2009
The Daisy oil pump is poised to apply time tested seal-less pump technology to oil transfer in awide range of applications. The design draws from a long history of pump successes fromMicropump to Transportation Research Corp. Now VARNA Products introduces the Daisy Pump with the same sealless technology that hasproven itself for decades in applications from as small as a trickle of coffee to as large as alocomotive.The Daisy pump is designed for reliability measured in decades without any maintenanceor need for overhaul.Features:• Complete assembly of motor and pump that won’t leak - Completely sealed forwashdown and wet environments.• Requires no scheduled maintenance• Prewired 208/230 3-phase motor (460VAC available from factory)• Flow up to 2000 liters/hr (9 gpm)• Pressure up to 4 bar (60psi) rise• Continuous duty• Preloaded rolling contact bearings• Internally cooled and cannot overheat, when there is some external flow• Reversible – Switch any two lead wires• Performs equally well turning in either direction• Can deliver oil of almost any viscosityApplications:• Draining and filling engine sumps and reservoirs• Prelubing diesel engines for long life between costly overhauls• Transferring oil – back and forth and at different elevations• Finishing and polishing of stored diesel fuel and other oil• Ink jet carpet printing• Filling and bottling plants and production lines• Silent oil cooling of X-ray equipment in hospitals• Pumping hydraulic oil through heat exchangers for cooling• Pumping through filters for cleaning