SQ Series Volumetric Flow Meter Designed for Exact Dosing Applications

Oct. 24, 2009
SQ Series Flow Meter is designed to deposit small dosing quantities in water and aqueous solutions up to 200 ml/min. The compact flow meter can be applied in chemical/additive dosing applications typically found in chemical processing, water treatment facilities, irrigation systems and fertigation skids. An internal measuring pipe provides exact dosing quantities and is protected against mechanical strain and external influences. The SQ flow meter features a 4-digit numeric display with simple pushbutton setup that establishes application parameters. The meter indicates flow rate, process temperature and features a totalizer function. Various outputs include switching, pulse and analog (4...20 mA).The technology behind the SQ flow meter is based on the calorimetric flow sensing principle. Two ceramic sensing elements each contain a thermistor. As one sensor element is heated, the second element is used as a reference. Power is then altered to the heater to insure a constant temperature difference (CTD) between the two elements. The CTD method allows for greater sensitivity  and provides the highest signal at the lowest flow rate.The sensor offers high accuracy with a response time of less than 0.15 seconds and a repeatability of ±0.2%. The meter features 316 stainless steel wetted parts and G-1/8 process connection. Electrical connection is made through an M12 connector. List price for the SQ flow meter is $495.00 (US).