MacSTANDARD Actuators & Belt Drives

Oct. 20, 2009
Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of belt driven linear actuators and custom multi-axis automation systems, today announced the new MacSTANDARD line of linear actuators and belt drives designed to provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ product suitable for industrial linear motion, robotics, and automation applications. "Our new MacSTANDARD actuators and belt drives offer the same quality, reliability, and features as our engineered Macron actuators," said Craig Marshall, Executive Vice President at Macron Dynamics. "By standardizing popular models, specifications, and travel lengths, we expect to meet the needs of buyers searching for a readily available, quality actuator for industrial automation or linear motion."The MacSTANDARD product line, or Macron Standard Actuators (MSA), allows buyers to select from a range of linear actuators and belt drives with varied specifications. In addition, buyers are able to configure the product through options including single or double shaft types, preferred drive shaft location, a number of standard travel lengths up to 2242 millimeters, and the addition of position sensors.Traditionally, Macron’s products have been available in custom configurations that require engineering and design assistance. Macron’s custom automation products include multi-axis motion or automation systems for clients ranging from the U.S. government, Fortune 500 companies and OEM’s."Our involvement in literally thousands of custom automation and robotics projects has helped in developing what we believe to be the highest quality robust linear actuators and belt drives available," said Joe Baird, National Sales Manger at Macron. "The MacSTANDARD actuator line represents all of that expertise in a readily available, off-the-shelf solution."Online purchasing for MacSTANDARD actuators and belt drives is available at, along with an interactive linear actuator selection guide. The selection guide is designed to recommend models to users based on the answers of a few application-specific questions."Our goal is to provide a quality actuator and a simple, quick ordering process to buyers who do not require Macron engineering support," said Marshall. "Of course, Macron engineers are always available to assist in the design of custom configured actuators and multi-axis gantry systems."* Motion Horizontal or Vertical * Maximum Speed 15,240 mm/sec * Max Force (lbs.) 2500 * Repeatability +/- 0.025 mm * Breakaway Torque N/A * Moment Load None * Positional Accuracy +/- 0.013/36 in * Acceleration Exceeding 20 G's * Beam Dimensions 80 mm x 80 mm * Standard Travels (mm) 215 to 1955 * Motor Mount Adapter NEMA 34 & 42 are available (contact Macron) * Shafted Pulley Standard * Weight - First meter of travel 28 lbs. * Weight - Additional per meter 11 lbs.