Colson Caster Corporation is beefing up its Enforcer fork line with additional heavy-duty capabilities and new engineering features for more aggressive environments and applications. The new Enforcer is rated at up to 6,000 lbs capacity for even the most rigorous and exacting production sites. Perfect for manufacturing’s heaviest, tow-line venues such as automotive and tire production lines, to those of a more medium capability requirement such as food processing centers and sheet rock dollies, the new Enforcer line also has a completely kingpinless design with a single-ball raceway, providing tighter tolerance and limited play in swivel motion.  In addition, the full series 4, 6, 7, and 8 line-up of Enforcer forks has been equipped with a selection of brake options including side-lock and tread-lock brakes in the 4 and 6 series, and tread-lock brakes in the 7 and 8 series offerings.  The 4 and 6 series are also available with an extended lead option that’s ideal for towline applications, as well as a DirtBan seal in the upper raceway.