The Newton™ line will stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching design and color scheme as well as the performance you have come to expect from A&D. en different capacities cover a broad range of applications for your user requirements: 120g, 210g, 310g, 410g, and 610g, all with 0.01g resolution, and 1500g, 2100g, 3100g, 4100g, and 6100g, all with 0.1g resolution.The 16mm high LCD Display with amber backlight allows for easy viewing. The Newton™ is battery powered (4 x AA) for areas where AC power is not readily available. An AC power adapter is also included for convenience. The Newton™ has the unit of measure for you: grams, ounces, pounds, troy ounces, carats, momme, pennyweight, grains, newtons, and tael. * Easy to read - LCD Display with Backlight * Fast - 1 second response time * Counting mode with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) * % weighing * Over-Under * Specific Gravity Function * Stackable (up to 3 high) for easy storage and retrieval• Weight Capacity: 120 g • Min. Display “d”: 0.01 g • Repeatability (Std. Deviation): 0.01 g • Linearity: ±0.01 g • Max. Count: 12,000 pcs • Min. Unit Weight: 0.01 g • Min. % Display: 0.1%