High-Power LED Wall-Pak Luminaire Reduces Cost of Wall Washing and Security Lighting

Oct. 6, 2009
LEDtronics® announces its first series of energy-efficient LED replacements of wall-pak luminaires for wall washing and security lighting. The high-power WWL20-24X2W-XPW-001W floodlight runs on a wide range of voltages, from 100 to 277VAC, consuming only 56 watts of power. Easily mountable on walls, ceilings or floors indoors or outdoors, the LEDtronics wide-beam and weatherproof Wall-Pak is made of die-cast aluminum housing and high-impact, heat-resistant polycarbonate lens, efficiently designed to dissipate heat and distribute light evenly. This all-weather luminaire offers an extended LED lamp life, maintenance-free operation, long-lasting durability, major energy savings, and reduced light pollution, all translating into reliability, ecological sustainability and sizable budget savings. Standard wall-pack luminaires are notorious for reduced control of light output because of their poor optical configuration, contributing to light pollution, wasted uplight and a shallow light projection. The high-power LEDtronics Wall-Pak’s design achieves a much more efficient illumination coverage — The optical center of the lens is aligned with the lamp source for an even symmetrical distribution of light that redirects light to minimize glare. It effectively sends a wide-focused circular beam of around 85 degrees that spreads 157 degrees vertically and 38 degrees horizontally.• Part Number: WWL12-8X2W-XPW-001 • Emitted Color: Pure White • Color Temperature (CCT): 6000K • Input Voltage: 100-277VAC, Tested @ 120VAC • Input Current: 0.233 A • Energy Used: 27 Watts • Power Factor: 0.98 • Total Lumens: 1296 lm • Efficacy: 47 lm/W • Max. Foot Candela: 493cd @ Horiz: 135°, Vertical: 72.5° • Ambient Temperature: ~-22°F to ~+122°F • [~-30°C to ~+50°C] • Dimensions: W8¾in.×H9¾in.×D7.7in. • Weight: 5.5lbs [2.5kg] • IP rating of this enclosure is IP65: Totally protected against dust and protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions. Limite