Oct. 16, 2009
For jump starting the largest vehicles and equipment in the most extreme conditions, Next Generation Power introduces the latest addition to its heavy-duty line of industrial generators.One of the largest in the industry, the new water-cooled, Kubota-powered, diesel Jump Start Package produces 1,000 amps at 12 or 24V DC. With glow plugs standard, cold starts are never a problem in any climate.With a 3-cylinder, 18 hp, D722 Kubota diesel engine, the dependable Jump Start Package offers a longer service life, increased safety and better fuel efficiency than gasoline-powered units.  Many competing brands put heavy starting current through their brushes, causing rapid wear and continuous maintenance.  Next Gen employs a simple compound-regulated design that does not put jump start current through the brushes, virtually eliminating maintenance.Based on the super-rugged, water-cooled Kubota engine, the versatile Jump Start Package has three installation options:  radiator-cooled, stand-alone packages with or without an enclosure; remote radiator-cooled units that enable installation in service vehicle compartments; and no supplied radiator cooling, which can be plumbed through the truck's main engine, providing pre-heat capability.The heavy-duty, diesel Jump Start Package from Next Generation Power comes standard with 6 kW of 120/240V AC to operate additional electric devices and equipment, such as power tools or lighting. Measuring only 28" L x 16" W x 21" H, the base, open unit costs $6,495.  The company also offers smaller Jump Start Packages, as well as gen-sets, power units, compressors, generator compressors and other custom combinations.