SmartMon Family of Power and Energy Monitoring Products

Oct. 9, 2009
Horner Advanced Products Group (APG) has introduced its new series of SmartMon Energy Monitoring Products. Horner APG has developed cutting edge industrial control products for over 25 years.  And for the last 10+ years, Horner has created specialty products used in power generation, monitoring and protection. These are used by generator manufacturers and electrical utilities all over the world.  Now, Horner APG is introducing a suite of energy monitoring and management devices that enable small to medium sized facilities to experience energy monitoring and management that was once only available to larger operations or simply not economically feasible in the past.The SmartMon Family of Monitoring products are an elegant combination of hardware and embedded software applications packaged in an easy to install solution.  No programming is required. No networking is required. No IT resources are needed.  In fact, you can hook up a standalone SmartMon Energy product to a machine, circuit or building and instantly be monitoring your energy consumption. SmartMon products show you exactly where your costs are so you can proactively reduce your energy consumption costs.  As your needs grow, SmartMon Energy products can grow with you and be easily expanded across your plant or facility.Most SmartMon Energy products include onboard data-logging for capturing historical data.  You are in complete control of selecting the precise measurement criteria you wish to log.  SmartMon Energy will log your data for analysis and up-to-the-minute decision making.  No PC is required, however you can easily import SmartMon’s historical data from the  MicroSD memory card for use in other software applications through its industry standard .CSV formatted files.How SmartMon Products Can Save you Money.• Knowing how much energy is used and when it was used can help you determine waste. For example, by using SmarMon you may find your machine costs you $60 an hour in electricity, letting you adjust and optimize your runs with it.• Knowing how much energy it costs to run your equipment can help you adjust product costs to match energy usage. • Switching off non-critical loads can reduce peak demand and save you money on demand charges. Controlling a single water heater or HVAC unit could pay for the equipment with demand costs savings. • Scheduling energy intensive equipment for runs during non-peak hours can significantly reduce your costs.• Monitoring power quality or motor operation can prevent costly down time or expensive equipment repair.The SmartMon Family of Monitoring Products currently consists of: SmartMon Power Meter: Low cost power measurement system featuring a 128x64 graphical LCD display. View trends, alarms and more. SmartMon Energy:  Low cost, machine-based power monitoring system featuring a 168 x 128 Mono LCD Touchscreen. Monitor trends, alarms, load shedding, Sag/Swell, and Frequency, plus data logging. SmartMon Energy Plus: Power monitoring featuring a QVGA 32K Color LCD Touchscreen. Includes a Web interface that will allow you to see your monitoring results from anywhere in the world, via a web browser or web-enabled cellular phone.  Measure at your location...monitor from anywhere! Monitor trends, alarms, load shedding, Sag/Swell and Frequency with Modbus connectivity, plus data logging. SmartMon Energy Pro: Power monitoring featuring a QVGA 32K Color LCD Touchscreen. Also includes a Web interface that will allow you to see your monitoring results from anywhere in the world, via a web browser or web-enabled cellular phone.Monitor trends, alarms, load shedding with Modbus and Ethernet connectivity, plus data logging. SmartMon Water: Complete water monitoring system. Mix and match up to four sensors per unit including: PH ORP, Ozone, Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity, DO, Trace, DO, Chlorine, Raw Turbidity and Solids. SmartMon Motor: Monitors and protects 3-Phase motors. Features a graphical display.SmartMon Alarm:  Works as a standalone product or with other Operator Control Stations.  Get notifications and alarms sent directly to your cellular phone via SMS text messages.  Add your contact list through the touch screen interface or by importing standard .CSV files.    • Interface: 128 * 64 mono LCD; 160 * 128 mono LCD QVGA 32K Color LCD • Current: 3CT • Voltage: 3PT • Relays: 1 + 16 Optional • Inputs: 16 Optional