The patented KEY-REX™ high security locking system offered by Bryce Fastener, Inc., Gilbert, Az. USA, provides each customer with a unique exclusive keyway. The customer specific geometry is privately licensed and repeatable.   The fasteners are made of stainless steel, in sizes 2/56(M2.5) to 5/811(M16), button and flat head. According to Bryce Fastener Inc., no existing tool sets fit them and the security keys are designed to prevent duplication.  The KEY-REX™ lock has been successful securing solar panels, lottery machines, credit card readers, retail electronics, university digital projectors, computer servers, medical equipment, city pull boxes, nuclear facilities; anything that requires superior security.  Company president Bryce Campbell says, “A KEY-REX™ lock is an inexpensive effective theft deterrent.    When every fastener installed is a lock, an unmatched blanket of security is created.  To date there are more than 250 unique installations with only positive feedback.  This gives us confidence to recommend KEY-REX™ to anyone.”   KEY-REX™ is not to be confused with typical “tamper proof” or “vandal resistant” security screws found in bathroom stalls, and on the web.   These common designs have easy to duplicate bits sold at retail.  Bryce Fastener engineered KEY-REX™ to overcome the many faults of tamper-proof fasteners.  The ever-changing geometry has millions of combinations making duplication impractical. Bryce security protocol requires that all tooling, keys, and screws be made secretly in house.  The product is patented worldwide, and further protected with trade secrets.