IDV Safety Valve Self-Reclosing Relief Valve

Jan. 26, 2023
Featuring an inline configuration, the BS&B Safety Systems safety pressure relief valve offers up to 1.5X the capacity of a traditional safety relief valve.

The IDV Safety Valve is a self-reclosing safety pressure relief valve with the same functional performance attributes as a traditional Safety Relief Valve (SRV), however, with an inline configuration instead of an angle body configuration.


This inline design allows the IDV to offer up to 1.5 times the capacity of a conventional API Safety Relief Valve. The increased capacity allows engineers and operators to optimize their pressure safety systems and, in many applications, reduce the piping configuration (line size) by one or more nominal sizes.


Flow capacity is determined by a combination of coefficient of discharge (Kd) and flow area (A). Kd is ASME certified as 0.7.

  • In-line design with the same inlet and outlet flange connection size
  • Compact and lightweight compared to traditional API safety relief valves
  • Superior capacity to API safety relief valves
  • ANSI/ASME B 16.5 and International flange connections
  • Optional integrated rupture disk at inlet of valve
  • Smaller size; may be able to use a smaller valve size
  • Convenience of an inline flanged design
  • Install horizontally or vertically
  • Set pressure independent of back pressure, suitable for variable back pressure applications
IDV SizeFlow AreaSet Pressure RangeMediaCode Section
Inlet NPSOutlet NPS
1 0.6 in.215 to 500 psiAirXIII
1.51.6 in.2 
22.7 in.2 
35.9 in.2 
410.4 in.2 
623.5 in.2
841.3 in.2