Tamper Evident Shrink Sleever / Labeler

Nov. 13, 2009
Shrink sleeve and labeling system is designed for manufacturers doing continuous production, and contract sleevers who need equipment with the broadest range of capability. The new 60 Series Evolution Shrinksealer applies both full-height bodysleeves and tamper evident banding. It is based on refinements in PDC’s successful existing patents for field-proven shrink sealers.  Among its distinctive features is the use of two servos for product handling and sleeve registration.  The advantage of this is exceptional system flexibility, and low capital expense.  The 60 Series are dual-use, mid-speed packaging systems.  Used for Shrink sleeve labeling, they apply full height bodysleeve labels with primary graphics, and are compatible with jars, bottles and products of all types.  The sleeve label can be designed to extend up over the cap, with a horizontal perforation for consumer tamper evidence.  Used for Tamper Evident Banding, the 60 Series applies shrink sleeves as neck bands around the upper portion of a container and its closure, or as full height safety seals.  The full body, clear sleeves protect the primary label and container, and cover the closure.  They are popularly used for vitamins and similar products.   60 Series machines operate at 50 to 170 cpm (containers per minute) with maximum speeds dependent on the package dimensions.  Sleeve diameter range is .375 to 3.25 inches (10 - 83 mm).  Sleeve height range is .625 to 8 inches (15 -200 mm).  PDC machines are compatible with all petroleum-based and sustainable films, including PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films.  Standard features of the 60 Series Evolution include full safety enclosure, heavy-duty construction, Mitsubishi PLC control and servos, keyed run/jog switch and upstream photo-eyes.  Systems also have motorized material unwind, and material-out sensors.  For customers who use the 60 Series for both shrink sleeve labeling and banding, changing between these formats is simple and quick, thanks to PDC’s Tool-less change-over. 60 Series systems can be customized with additional sensors (film applicators, splice detection, imprint verification, etc.) as well as Allen-Bradley PLCs and Touch Screens, power transformers and motorized height adjustment.Like all PDC packaging systems, the 60 Series was designed using off-the-shelf, readily available components, assuring that both uptime, and the total cost of ownership, remain low throughout the system’s long service life.  Systems incorporate field-proven controls technology, and can be UL approved.