Flux-Cored Wires for Chrome-Moly Applications

Nov. 12, 2009
Hobart Brothers introduces a new patent-pending family of flux-cored welding wires designed to provide superior low temperature impacts and improve productivity on chrome-moly welding applications. The new HobartXTREME B2 wires are the first flux-cored wires of their kind to provide the type of mechanical properties previously attainable only by using slower stick or submerged arc welding processes.    Unlike other welding products with T-5 slag systems, the XTREME wires are designed to operate on DCEN (direct current electrode negative) and offer all-position welding capabilities. In fact, laboratory testing has shown the 3/32-inch diameter B2 wires are cable of welding in the vertical-up position    The FabCO XTREME B2 and B3 wires are both designed for high temperature service applications requiring high tensile strengths and creep resistance, such as welding boiler and pressure vessel piping, fittings and high temperature valves. The XTREME B2 is designed for use with 1     The FabCO XTREME 120 is the only flux-cored wire in the industry to meet DNV Y69MS (H5) for welding on offshore jackup rigs where high strength, excellent impact properties and defect-free welds are critical.  It also meets ABS to AWS E121TG-GC H4. The wire Other applications that can benefit from XTREME 120 wires are high strength crane booms and sub-assemblies, and applications using A514 grade, N25HN, WeldTen 710 or 780, ABS EQ63 or 70, Dillimax 690 or HY100 steels.