Rustlick is launching a new biostable cutting and grinding fluid product line. PowerCool coolants are water-soluble oils with new additives specifically formulated to extend sump life at a competitive price. The advanced technology used to formulate the PowerCool line economically ensures fluid performance, increased sump life and an overall decrease of fluid usage.PowerCool coolants are safe for all metals, including ferrous/non-ferrous metals, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper. These products can be used for a wide range of low to heavy-duty applications including machining, cutting, grinding, milling.The PowerCool line is available in two versions, chlorinated or chlorine free. Rustlick PowerCool contains chlorinated EP additives and PowerCool CF contains non-chlorinated EP additives. PowerCool and PowerCool CF are available in 5 or 55 Gallon containers.