Techni-Tool is pleased to announce the latest addition to our successful line of Tec-Cut Infinity Elite fine electronics pliers and cutters. These six new micro-cutter models allow you to cut electronic wires from 18 to 20 AWG. The cutters have a micro-size head, letting you reach into tight space providing better control and accuracy. Cutter heads are available in oval and tapered styles with your choice of semi-flush, flush and full-flush cuts.Infinity Elite tools use the highest quality ball-bearing steel heat-treated for resiliencyand toughness. Results in test conducted by an outside firm with four leading competitorsshow the force required to open and close the Infinity Elite cutters remained constant overtime, but increased in three of the four other cutters tested. In addition, no blade damage orwear could be detected on the Infinity Elite tools, even after 20,000 constant cuts in the sameblade spot, and under 40x magnification. The exclusive 2-component fully-dissipative handlecombines a soft surface for gripping with a hard plastic core for strength. This unique oil andgrease resistant handle wears better and lasts longer than other ESD foam handles.Stainless steel dual-leaf springs and matched bearing rings minimize metal-to-metalcontact, extending tool life. A lap-joint blade design joined with a steel screw keeps thecutting edges in perfect alignment far longer than with rivets.