Jan. 8, 2010
IntelLiDrives, Inc. released a new Linear ServoSLideTM, pre-engineered linear servo motor slide, designed to eliminate backlash, friction and wear problems associated with the mechanical transmissions, such as ball/lead screws, rack & pinion and gearboxes.Linear ServoSLideTM features brush-less non-contact linear motor design with forces 100 N to 2000 N and low cogging  for fast and accurate positioning. Double rail bearing system is integrated into the slide to support moving carriage and to provide dynamic stiffness and precise straightness of travel. Precision non-contact linear position feedback with selectable resolution from 0.1 to 10 microns is mounted in the carriage to minimize thermal drift.Limit Sensors are incorporated to establish end of travel and “home” positions. Slide components are mounted in the high strength extruded aluminum housing precisely machined to provide outstanding straightness and flatness for installation in horizontal or vertical orientations with travels up to 5 m. Linear ServoSLideTM incorporates connector panel to provide “plug-in” connectivity and quick disconnect for all signal and power requirements as well as cable transport module with high flex robotic cable installed and pre-wired to the connector panel.Multi-axes systems – gantries and XYZ robotic arms - can be easily constructed using multiple Linear ServoSLidesTM.• Max speed at Fp @ 220 VACVpm/sec2.61.7 • Accuracy (note 3) mkm5 – 50 • Resolution (note 3) mkm0.1 – 25 • Forcer weight Kg4.56.5 • Max payload weight kg4060