G4 37000 Series Linear Actuator

Dec. 19, 2009
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion products, introduces the G4 37000 Series Can-stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuator, built for extended reliability and high performance. The 37000 Series is a 36mm linear actuator in the G4 line of products that leverages the same improvements as the recently released 25mm linear actuator.  Technical enhancements include optimized stator tooth geometry, high energy neodymium magnets, an oversized output spline, custom engineered plastics, and larger ball bearings for greater rotor support and high axial loading capability.  The G4 37000 Series provides a high linear force-to-size ratio and is ideal for precision linear motion in a variety of applications including medical equipment, bar code scanning devices, printing equipment, laboratory instrumentation, and other mechanisms requiring high force and extreme durability from a small linear actuator package.There are 3 configurations available as with other Haydon stepper motor linear actuators; Captive, Non-Captive, and External Linear.