MICROLOK® AO Provides Robust Corrosion Protection For Iron And Steel Components

Dec. 16, 2009
Now manufacturers can finish iron and steel components with a low temperature, environmentally friendly process that serves as a low-cost replacement for polluting cold blackening.Nothing like it -- the MICROLOK® AO Process from Birchwood Casey forms a non-toxic,aluminum oxide conversion coating that is 0.000060 inches (1.5 microns) thick, silver/black incolor, and tightly adherent to the metal surface. When sealed with a rust preventive, the finishprovides robust corrosion protection that is better than cold blackening at half the cost, withoutundesirable pollution hazards.A RELEASE FOR:Birchwood Casey7900 Fuller RoadEden Prairie, Minnesota 55344952-937-7931 Fax: 952-937-7979Website: www.birchwoodcasey.comEmail: [email protected] RELEASE FROM: AMA:BIR5556r2Anderson-Madison Advertising, Inc.7710 Computer Avenue SouthEdina, Minnesota 55435952-835-5133 Fax: 952-835-4977Email: [email protected]: Gerald F. Madison2Ideal for users of cold blackeners who want a replacement that is safe to apply andavoids the use of EPA regulated (copper & selenium) chemicals. The patented MICROLOK AOsolution contains no regulated chemicals - process rinse waters are generally sewerable as nonhazardousdischarge. Applying the finish requires only five steps and 15 minutes:1. CLEAN the metal surface: SAFE SCRUB; 120-140°F: 5 minutes.2. RINSE in clean water.3. APPLY MICROLOK AO finish: 120-140°F: 8 minutes.4. RINSE in clean water.5. SEAL in DRI TOUCH® AMBER Rust Preventive: 1 minute.Additional benefits include: anti-galling protection to aid in assembly and startup;temperature stability up to 1400°F; safe 120-140° F operation with no boiling or splattering; noscale or sludge buildup in tanks, bath maintenance is much simpler requiring only pHmonitoring.Applications include: tooling and machine components; automotive parts including tierods,ball joints, clutch and brake components; and large components such as oilfield drillingequipment. MICROLOCK AO is an ideal choice for any component with its attractive, nondimensionalsilver-black finish, corrosion protection and anti-galling properties.Most cold blackening lines can be easily converted to the MICROLOK AO process, ornew tank lines, of any size, are available from Birchwood Casey at modest cost, ranging fromsmall-scale manually operated lines to large volume CNC operated systems.