ImpacDors® Featured in Updated Catalog

Dec. 17, 2009
Aleco, the largest manufacturer in the United States of impact doors, strip doors and flexible barrier products for light to heavy duty industrial, commercial, institutional, and food service applications, announces that its new ImpacDor® catalog is now available. This new catalog features all of the company’s flexible and rigid impact doors including several new models. All of the doors are rugged, easy to install, custom made to exact size specification and available in a variety of colors to match any décor. The new Aleco ImpacDor XHD-175 is a continuously welded aluminum sub-frame with large vision panels and high bumpers allowing excellent visibility and maximum durability. The AIS-175 is the industry standard featuring a full thickness, flexible design for punishing applications.  The unique pliable construction flexes to absorb impact. The AIS-XHD takes it to the next level by offering two flexible internal beams that strengthen the door and two layers of flexible vinyl mount reinforcement along the spine to resist breakdown yet retain flexibility. In addition, the Aleco ImpacDor Steel-Lite™ is a heavy duty steel-faced, fire, vandal and shock-resistant door designed to offer a high level of security in a multitude of applications.  It exceeds stringent USPS standards for durability and penetrability