Dec. 18, 2009
A new selection of low profile, surface mount holders for Cylindrical Lithium and Alkaline batteries have been developed by Keystone Electronics Corp. Lightweight and durable, these high strength holders incorporate heat resistant Nylon Housings and Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts.  The rugged design is ideally suited for use with consumer and industrial electronic products.  Engineered for both lead free and traditional reflow process soldering, the devices accept all major manufacturers’ Lithium batteries.  Availability is in ½ AA Lithium batteries (Catalog No. 1016) and 2/3A Lithium batteries, (Catalog No. 1018), AA batteries (Catalog No.1024) and AAA batteries (Catalog No. 1020) for single cell applications, (Catalog No.1022) for dual cell applications.  Installation and removal does not require tools.Keystone’s broad line of battery hardware consists of SMT and THM products including, contacts, clips, holders, retainers and straps for coin and button cells batteries, as well as cylindrical batteries.  The entire Keystone line consists of several thousand different interconnects, hardware and components.  Product modifications and special designs are created by our application engineering group supported by expert stamping, machining and assembly operations.• Material: .012 [0.30] Spring Steel • Finish: Tin Nickel Plate • Tape and Reel Spec's: 44mm wide; 24mm pitch; 15" reel (150 pieces of Cat. No. 53 per reel)