Dec. 17, 2009
For use in harsh applications subjected to washdowns or caustic compounds, Baumer has introduced new IP69K-rated laser distance sensors featuring corrosion resistant stainless steel housings.  Available in six different models, the OADR 20 sensors feature a PMMA front screen that is safe for use in food and beverage processing. Baumer OADR 20 sensors are available with three distinct teachable measuring ranges – 30 to 600 mm, 50 to 300 mm, and 100 to 600mm.  Each measuring range is available with either a point beam for highly focused applications or a line beam to monitor larger areas and rough or uneven surfaces.  The OADR 20 offers resolutions up to 0.005 mm and response times of less than 0.9 ms. OADR 20 sensors feature an internal signal controller that automatically adjusts the light emitted based on the strength of the return signal, accommodating for color differences, dust/debris, smoke, spray mist and other variables that might effect accuracy.  This feature reduces screen cleaning frequency. Baumer OADR 20 sensors are ideal for long-range part placement, part detection, counting, and control monitoring in a range of processing industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, food/beverage, laboratory automation, medical equipment, semiconductor/electronics, print/graphics, packaging, textile, and water treatment.