Micro Plastics, Inc. introduces a new line of Spring Washers.  These new specialized spring washers add to Micros’ already extensive inventory of over 2000 plastic washers. Spring Washers are molded in an acetal material that has excellent spring properties, is light-weight and inexpensive. The material is electrical and thermal insulating and corrosion resistant. Acetal lubricity allows use in rotating assemblies as well as under water applications. Spring washers are used to eliminate rattles, take up tolerance variables and provide accurate spacing and tension. These may be used singly in parallel, in series or in series parallel for a wide range of deflection and load capacity. Seven sizes of Spring Washers are available to fit standard screws from #6 through 3/8” and metric screw sizes of M3.5 through M10. See our full line catalog #38 for a complete line of nylon fasteners that are available.  FREE samples are available upon request.