Dec. 15, 2009
RAPID•ID literally fits in the palm of your hand. In a single 20-second test, RAPID•ID will detect both pure and compounded plastics, making it the perfect solution for virtually anyone whose job it is to identify plastics. RAPID•ID identifies and verifies the composition of raw materials and plastic-based products — from pellets to imported toys, from industrial and consumer goods to synthetic fibers and recycled plastics — anywhere, any time.Put material analysis in the palm of your handWith the click of a button, the RAPID•ID can accurately verify or identify plastics by comparing their unique molecular fingerprint to that of known reference materials stored in a pre-loaded spectral library. The results are then revealed on its bright OLED display. You will also have access to an expandable library of chemicals and mixtures that may be stored on your PC and downloaded to the RAPID•ID. The system also allows you to create your own references in less than a minute.Lower your overall costs with RAPID•IDNo longer will you be subject to old burn-and-sniff tests. Raman technology eliminates the hazards to personnel and the sample destruction inherent in the outdated methods currently in use. RAPID•ID can even test materials through transparent bags and some glass containers.Use safe, non-destructive analysisWith RAPID•ID’s instant ID capability, users have total mobility. Materials can move directly from receiving to production, eliminating the need to purchase and stock excess inventory. RAPID•ID also helps you avoid con­tamination of your production line with unverified products.RAPID•ID reduces the chance of potential liabilities due to material mix-ups, increases efficiency and productivity and decreases ongoing costs. RAPID•ID’s initial affordability is just the beginning of a smart, profitable invest­ment.