Dec. 16, 2009
Lowell Corporation’s ratcheting crank handles offer an alternative to handwheels and other devices for machine control in both OEM and retrofit applications.     Designed primarily for permanent mounting on shafts or studs, Lowell’s ratcheting crank handles are far less likely to slip, stick, or freeze than other devices.With their small arc of operation, adjustment is faster, safer, and easier for the operator and reduces wear on the machinery. And a Lowell crank can generate enough torque so that it can be a useful manual auxiliary to a motor.    Although they may be purchased as replacements for equipment on existing machines, Lowell’s crank handles can also be incorporated into the design of new machinery. Standard models are available with either fixed or rotating metal handles or lower cost rotating plastic handles. Arm lengths range from 7”- 12”. In addition, the company offers custom designs for special applications.     Lowell crank handles offer tremendous flexibility in the variety of openings available. Buyers may choose bore and keyway, square, or hex, and Lowell can also create custom openings to customer specifications. The handles also provide great flexibility in the many adjustments that a user can perform: cross feed; rise and fall; gib and quill; positioning screw; and clamping.     Built for hard use, the handles utilize stamped steel handle plates, solid steel gears, hardened and powder-coated, corrosion-resistant epoxy paint. Gears are pre-assembled at the factory and are not replaceable. For convenience, there is a head-mounted reversing control for easy fingertip operation.