Large Frame SL 3D Printer

July 31, 2018
UnionTech's printer has a scanning speed of up to 18m/s.

The UnionTech RSPro 1400, with a 1400 × 700 × 500 mm large frame stereolithography (SL) platform, is targeted at production markets in automotive, consumer goods, and foundries for large production parts, prototypes, and investment castings.  The same robust and quality design principles used in all other UnionTech SL equipment have been employed to provide the large platform capabilities in a cost-effective fashion for the end user.


  • Dual laser, simultaneous printing without visible weld lines
  • Scanning speed of up to 18m/s
  • Key components are of leading international brands: Panasonic of Japan, Advanced Optowave of United States, Scanlab of Germany
  • Closed loop control strategy for: Platform movement/Laser power/Material level/Temperature/Vacuum
  • Automatic calibration set up and one button start
  • Carbon fiber enhanced recoating blade for non-deformation