Ark-Plas® Products kits are assembled from a variety of Commercial Grade Fittings or Quick Disconnect Luer Fitting, and are made available in Nylon, and Polypropylene material. Luer Fitting Kits are also available in Polycarbonate.  Each kit is shipped in a durable, reusable container with an identification card for easy reference to all included parts in the kit.Available in 1/16” ID’s, all the way up to ¼” ID’s, Ark-Plas® Kits feature a large assortment of parts which are perfect for use in liquids, pneumatic controls, fluid dampers, automation equipment, laboratory use, research and development, and design departments.A free catalog and price list is available for all who inquire. Part samples are also available, free of charge, for testing & color matching. Phone or visit the web site to request information or samples.