Linear Actuators Bring Speed, Smart Control to High-Load Handling

April 24, 2017
WhisperTrak Linear Actuator Line gives motion system designers greater ability to extend quiet, compact actuation to more demanding applications.

Expanded WhisperTrak actuator line gives motion system designers greater ability to extend quiet, compact actuation to more demanding applications.


New additions to the WhisperTrak linear actuator line double force-handling capability from 2kN to 4kN; provide higher-speed operation at 2kN; and offer new options for low-level switching, limit switching and position control at both 2kN and 4kN operation.


The 4kN WhisperTrak offering is rated for 4kN (900 lbs.) with load speed at 4 mm/sec (0.16 in./sec). The 2kN version is rated for 2,000kN (450 lbs.) with load speeds of up to 8 mm/s (0.31 in./sec). All models can be specified for 12- or 24-volt input with stroke lengths available between 100 and 500 mm (3.94 to 19.69 in.).


WhisperTrak industrial linear actuators, now available with options for smarter control, and higher load handling and speed, set a standard for medical, personal mobility, ma

Electronic Options:

  • Five-wire, low-level switching with electronic limit switches for applications that require switching of high-amperage current. Electronic limit switching (ELS) automatically cuts power to the actuator when a preset threshold is reached. It is valuable for both control precision and safety, and Thomson originally offered it bundled with low-level switching in a 5-wire assembly only. Low-level switching can be valuable for wiring high-current draw loads into a programmable logic controller or small battery.
  • Two-wire switching with electronic limit switches only, which simplifies wiring and installation for applications that require process start/stop location information but do not require low-level switching. Those who don't need low-level switching can now get WhisperTrak with ELS functionality embedded in the board of a 2-wire actuator and get the benefits of ELS without the cost and complexity of unnecessary wiring.
  • Embedded potentiometer and digital encoder with electronic limit switches, which free designers to use position feedback for other purposes. Embedded ELS also gives designers more control flexibility for lower loads or for applications not using low-amperage controls. To determine when the end of a WhisperTrak stroke had been reached, users have had to control 100% of stroke or run control logic fed by wired-in devices such as non-contact sensors or Hall encoders. Embedding ELS into the firmware, however, retains end-of-stroke protection without the need for additional programming and configuration. Users can now run the operation up to the end of the stroke without worrying about damaging the actuator or control configuration.

WhisperTrak offers the benefits of a truly industrial linear actuator and combines them with a compact and easy-to-use design that complements the aesthetics of factory equipment.

Environmental resistance

The new WhisperTrak offerings have the same ruggedness as original Thomson actuators. This includes an IP67 static environmental rating, which provides the ability to operate in harsh conditions in which they are exposed to washdown, rain and dust without the use of an additional cover. All are ETL listed for use on medical devices and conform to medical equipment safety standards AAMISTD-ES60601-1, IEC 60601-1 and CSA CERFTIFIC C22.2 60601. WhisperTrak actuators are maintenance free and have an average life of 10,000 cycles at the maximum load capacity.

terial handling, marine and structural automation applications.

WhisperTrak Feature Highlights:

  • Exceptionally quiet, boasting a low sound level of less than 45 dBa
  • Compact and compatible, making it easy to swap into existing applications
  • Zero maintenance throughout its entire life (10,000 cycles avg. at maximum load)
  • Ultrasonic welding of enclosure provides high degree of sealing
  • Washdown proof during operation and can be submerged when not operating
  • Anti-rotation mechanism
  • IP67 environmental protection class
  • CE (EN60601-1) and UL (UL60601-1) compliant

WhisperTrak Option Highlights:

  • Electronic limit switches – shuts off power for overload conditions during and at end of stroke
  • Anti-rotation mechanism – prevents the extension tube from rotating if it is not fixed on the end
  • Analog or digital position feedback
  • Mounting adapters turned 90° 
  • DCG Actuator Controls (DCG 152/154, DCG 252/254)
  • Variety of cable and connection types (flying leads, phono, DIN, Pac Con)

WhisperTrak Best-fit Applications:

  • Patient handling equipment that requires lightweight, quiet design, including wheel chairs, patient lifts and other rehabilitation devices
  • Material handling equipment that benefits from compact, easy-to- use and aesthetically complementary actuators
  • Structural automation in both commercial and residential buildings that require robust and powerful, yet quiet, actuation, including louvers, adjustable desks, beds, reclining chairs and hideaway TVs
  • Marine devices, including boats, in which water spray is prevalent