Feb. 11, 2010
USAutomation has announced the introduction of the VersaDrive™ Series of fully integrated leadscrew step motors. VersaDrive motors combine a 1.8° hybrid step motor and drive nut system with an integrated leadscrew such that the screw moves axially in the motor as the motor is driven.The VersaDrive is available in both NEMA 17 and 23 sizes with a selection of standard windings and leadscrew leads. Nut choices include a robust anti-backlash nut and a standard nut. A centering bushing option is an adjustable feature which removes all radial play to assure the fastest and quietest operation possible. Also, a fixed screw version is available where the drive nut moves axially instead of the screw. The USV17 VersaDrive can achieve up to 70 lbs. of dynamic force while the USV23 can achieve 150 lbs. When driven by a microstep drive, positioning resolutions for both sizes can be as fine as .0038 µM (.050" lead at 51,200 steps per revolution). Standard positioning accuracy is .0004"/inch. A variety of modifications and options are available for the VersaDrive including custom windings, cabling and connectors, encoder feedback, Teflon coated screws and custom nuts. The VersaDrive is designed to solve many linear positioning challenges. Engineers can count on this unique, versatile product line to simplify designs, create more compact assemblies, and lower costs.