Electric Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks - Cat Lift Trucks

Jan. 21, 2010
EPC3000-EP4000 Series Electric Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks boasts a fully AC design that offers outstanding performance and extended battery life. Standard fingertip controls offer precise load handling; a travel directional switch and horn are conveniently integrated into the fingertip module.Key Features:• Easy-to-read, cowl-mounted display panel includes vital information for the operator, including a steer direction indicator, maintenance reminders and selectable performance modes• The floating cab rests on cushioning bushings, working with the full suspension seat to absorb floor shocks and overall vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride for operators• Electric power steering helps reduce operator fatigue, while providing precise steering, quiet operation and responsive steering reaction• Secure entry and exit with open step and anti-slip plate and elongated grab barPowerful Technology• Alternating Current (AC) truck design improves efficiency, while the regenerative braking system offers optimal energy recovery. Both allow the truck to run for over two shifts on one battery charge in many applications.• The AC electric motors are protected to IP54, protecting them against dust, water and chemicals.•  Extremely quiet motors provide precise performance at all power levels.•  Narrow mast channels, a very low-profile cowl and open overhead guards help improve operator visibility of the load and the surroundings at all times.