TankJet™ 4 Fluid-Driven Tank Washers

Jan. 28, 2010

For high-impact cleaning of large tanks, vats or vessels, our new fluid-driven TankJet 4 offers many benefits including better cleaning than competitive units. Providing more consistent impact over the entire pressure range, TankJet 4 tank washers remove even the stickiest of residues.

TankJet 4 Overview:

  • Our TankJet 4 spray nozzles produce the best solid stream spray available. Special nozzle vanes reduce turbulence and improve stream integrity. Better stream integrity increases impact and cleaning effectiveness
  • Nozzles rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes creating a crisscrossing pattern to thoroughly clean tanks
  • Cleans tanks up to 98’ (30 m) in dia.
  • No motors – TankJet 4 Tank Washers are fluid-driven
  • Sleek and compact – fits in small tank openings
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Choice of pin version for permanent installation or clutch version with free-spinning nozzle hub for easy insertion and removal from tank
  • Customizable to your operation -- TankJet 4 can be used for high-concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or low-pressure, high-volume cleaning

Ideal for Use in Many Applications:

  • Blenders
  • Breweries
  • Food processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp storage
  • Processing
  • Tanker trucks
  • Wineries