Ergonomic Dock Leveler provides the smoothest transition between the truck bed and the dock floor

Feb. 4, 2010
The NORDOCK FLEX-LIP™ dock leveler is designed to provide substantial lifetime cost of ownership savings by reducing equipment maintenance, injury to personnel and fragile goods damage while increasing safety and productivity.  The patented FLEX-LIP™ reduces the risk of low clearance grounding while loading and unloading and reduces excessive impact and forklift wear and tear.The NORDOCK FLEX-LIP™ dock leveler lip is activated by a unique patented linkage technology. The lip extends automatically as the leveler deck descends, and maintains the lip horizontally on the trailer bed in all positions - even when below dock loading - and provides the smoothest transition between the truck bed and the dock floor.Available in three models - ADF air powered, SHF hydraulic and NMF mechanical. * Patented, proven, FLEX-LIP™ technology * Patented self cleaning open lug front hinge and header plate * Patent pending Auto-Descent Lip™ extension * Heavy-Duty lift cylinder with non-adjustable velocity fuse * Easy transfer full width fixed rear hinge * Zinc plated front & rear hinge rods * Easy clean frame * Security night locks * Additional center deck support * Separate deck and lip maintenance supports * Deck & lip constructed from 55,000 p.s.i.. tread plate * Dual side 33% beam to deck front to rear weld pattern * Beams and lugs continuously welded to header plate * Velocity fuse on lift cylinder * Full range telescoping toe guards * Superior warranty